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Product: Solarwhiz SW3000 [Solar Powered Roof Ventilator]

Cost: $750

Product: Solarwhiz SW3000 [12V Powered Roof Ventilator]

Cost: $560


Damper unit no.1 ope  cropped2Product: Manual Operation Damper Kit for Solarwhiz.

Cost: $99

Description:  Retain warm air in your roof during winter with this pull cord operated damper for the Solarawhiz-micro switch. Turns fan on as the damper opens.


Differential thermostat and power supplysmallerProduct: Differential Thermostat 12V

Cost: $75.00

Description: This differential controller will control both heating and cooling source by comparing the source temperature within the room temperature.

Temperature “TURN ON”  differential 3-5 degrees

Temperature “TURN OFF” differential 1 degree


SW300 sub floor kitsmallerProduct: High Volume Sub Floor Ventilation Kit

Cost: $759

Description: Keep your sub-floor fresh and dry with this high volume low power consumption 25w Fan Kit with Heavy Duty Ducting.


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