Solar Air Heater Modules

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Roof mounted solar air heater panels.

Heater panels face North and are inclined at 60 degrees for optimum solar capture in deep winter.

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Fresh air is heated by the sun

Fresh air flows into the panels through almost 2,000 small holes in the back of the panels then through special black air permeable heating material where the solar radiation heats the air.

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Heated air flows into your home

Our unique axial flow, brush-less DC fans will flow around 400 cubic metres/hr of fresh heated air into your home. The air flows from the heater panels through heavily insulated ducts then into your rooms through stylish ‘ceramic look’ registers.



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How effective is it?

2800-watts-per-16-watts-altThe system creates a spectacular EROEI (energy return on energy invested) using only 16 watts to harvest a flow of 2800 watts of heat energy from your roof mounted heat collector panels.


40-degrees-above-ambient-altThis fresh heated air will displace moisture and VOC (volatile organic compound) laden air in your home with fresh air heated to around 40 degrees above the outside ambient temperature in full sun. The system will continue to run even in overcast weather as long as the panel temperature is above the room temperature.


25-lower-humidityOperating the system will lower the relative humidity of the air in your home from around 75% to around 50%. Your furnishings, bedding, carpets and clothing will be dry and fresh and the the air will be healthier for you to breathe. Research has shown that air between 45% and 55% relative humidity is ideal for respiratory health.


400m3-per-hourThe system produces 400 cubic metres of warm, filtered air for every hour of operation. This flow will affect the air mass right throughout your home. The slight positive pressure in the building means the air will find its way out flowing through exhaust fans and any gaps around window and doors.

When you need operate your back up heater, the drier air mass will be heated using much less energy. This is because when we add heat to a room, we don’t heat the air, we heat the moisture in the air. This should significantly reduce your reliance on wood or electricity for heating even eliminating their use during most of spring and autumn. The fresh dry air mass means your carpets, clothing and bedding, will be always be dry and warm.

Why solar heating?

solar-installation-1Invented by Danish engineers, solar air heater panels look like ordinary solar panels but produce four times the energy per square metre. Solar Air Heating will significantly reduce householders’ reliance on gas or electric heating systems.

Unlike grid connected solar electricity panels, where feed-in tariffs are reducing or disappearing altogether, Solar Air Heating systems offer customers a significant degree of energy independence. Solar heated air is virtually free… forever.

We believe the solar heating industry is in a nascent form, similar to the solar photovoltaic industry ten years ago. We have a vision of solar heating systems installed in every home in the next ten years. We are solar heating professionals.

We’ve been installing Solar heating systems in the Geelong region since 2009.


System Controller

Touch screen thermostat with differential functionThe intelligent touchscreen controller has some truly extraordinary features. It will display outside, inside, heater panel/roof and set temperature on the one graphical interface so you can see at a glance how your system is performing. It also produces a graph to show how it has performed over a 24hr period and stores data from the last 10 days. It controls dampers for warm air source and cool air source should you choose to add the economy cooling feature to your system in the future.

Brush-less DC fan

SW2000 and filters 2Our unique axial flow, brush-less DC fans will flow around 400 cubic metres of fresh heated air into your home.

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