Heat your home with Solar…and $ave

Experience the benefits of fresh, warm, dry air delivered at a low energy cost and minimal on-going cost to the natural systems that support life on our planet.

Choose your solar heating source – roof mounted panels or filtered warm air from inside your roof space. Either way, our cutting edge Python system controller and whisper quiet in-line fans will pump your home full of fresh solar heated air for the energy cost of a light bulb.

Heating is around half your annual energy bill. Secure your energy future with a Python solar heating system.



Roof Heat Recovery


Your roof cavity is heated by the sun.


Heated air is drawn through a medical grade filter


and into living areas, displacing cold damp air.


Solar Air Heater Modules

how python solar heating works 1

Roof mounted solar air heater panels.

Heater panels face North and are inclined at 60 degrees for optimum solar capture in deep winter.

how python solar heating works 2

Fresh air is heated by the sun

Fresh air flows into the panels through almost 2,000 small holes in the back of the panels then through special black air permeable heating material where the solar radiation heats the air.

how python solar heating works 3

Heated air flows into your home

Our unique axial flow, brush-less DC fans will flow around 400 cubic metres/hr of fresh heated air into your home. The air flows from the heater panels through heavily insulated ducts then into your rooms through stylish ‘ceramic look’ registers.