Roof Heat Recovery


The air in your roof cavity is heated by the sun…


the heated air is drawn through a deep pleat filter…


and into living areas, displacing cold damp air with warm dry air.

Your pitched roof is a vast solar collector.

A roof space like this one can reach 35 degrees on a sunny 12 degree day. You can use this flow of solar energy to heat and ventilate your home, or the parts of your home that never seem to warm up all winter.  This will reduce the number of hours you’ll need to run your gas furnace or split system to stay comfortable. The air in your home will need less energy to heat because of the reduced humidity.

Roof heat recovery systems can be integrated with existing central heating systems to flow fresh, filtered solar heated air through your existing ducts. Heat energy capture potential depends on roof type, colour and the presence(or absence) of sarking(sisalation).

This is an excellent way to capture thousands of watts of solar radiation to heat your home for the energy cost of a light bulb. The air is filtered to remove pollen, dust mites, mold spores and other small particles down to 2 microns.

An economical solution for those who are renting.

This is our simplest, but very effective roof-heat recovery system. The filter unit, fan, differential controller and ceiling register can be mounted in the roof access-hole cover. This means you can easily install the system and remove it when you relocate, causing no damage to the premises.

Most access holes are in laundries or bathrooms. this means you can use the system to dry your clothes while you are at work. The flow of 1000cumtrs/hr of warm, dry air will not only dry your clothes, but also raise the base temperature of your entire house, reducing moisture levels and airborne pathogens.

Available in kit form for $799.00 or $999.00 with motor damper.

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System Controller

Touch screen thermostat with differential function

The Python intelligent touchscreen controller has some truly extraordinary features. It will display outside, inside, heater panel/roof and set temperature on the one graphical interface so you can see at a glance how your system is performing. It also produces a graph to show how it has performed over a 24hr period and stores data from the last 10 days. It controls dampers for warm air source and cool air source should you choose to add the economy cooling feature to your system.

Brush-less DC fan and motorized damper

Our unique axial flow, brush-less DC fans will flow around 2000 cubic metres of fresh, solar heated air into your home. The motorized damper closes snugly as the fan go off duty. This way, accumulated heat is captured inside your home and not lost through the ducting.

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